If you seen this logo on an attorney’s webpage or listing on the State Bar, it’s about Texas attorneys doing the right thing.


The most fundamental rights of being American are no rights at all if people do not have access to the courts. Quite often, financial limitations prevent people from exercising their rights and seeking their rights as parents, veterans, as victims of domestic violence, as employees, or immigrants. Without attorneys doing work pro bono – for free – their voices would be unheard. As officers of the court, every attorney is asked by the State Bar to donate their time to ensure all have access to justice.


Denise Ereka Peterson commits every year to serving her community pro bono – whether it is providing services at legal clinics, such as the veteran’s clinic down at DeBakey Hospital, answering legal questions during Houston Volunteer Lawyer’s twice-monthly helpline, or mediating family law and civil cases at the Harris County and Montgomery County Dispute Resolution Centers. So far in 2016, she has donated more than forty hours of her time to providing free mediations.


To learn more, here is an excellent article by the President of the Texas State Bar in celebration of Pro Bono Week.