Denise Peterson

Denise Peterson is an attorney, mediator, arbitrator, and principal of her firm, PetersonADR. Ms. Peterson has earned a Fellowship with the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CiArb), establishing her an experienced and capable dispute resolution professional.

Rounding out her practice, Ms. Peterson is a credentialed mediator and mediation instructor. Ms. Peterson is a high-energy mediator who believes that the only time litigants have control over their case is during the settlement process and it is her responsibility to help them leverage that into a positive outcome.

Whether multi-party, mult-day, or half-day, Ms. Peterson’s focus and professionalism guide the parties to the best negotiated outcome possible. As an arbitrator, Ms. Peterson’s even-handed neutrality allows for both parties to present their case, minimize litigation costs, and seek an equitable outcome for the clients.

Coupling her belief in the ADR process with her passion for education, Ms. Peterson is a frequent speaker on legal issues for local organizations as well has developed and taught several CLEs on mediation and mediaton ethics through the Harris and Montgomery County Dispute Resolution Centers.


Mediation, whether court-ordered or voluntary, is an effective method for resolving disputes that not only crafts positive solutions for both parties, but limits the costs of litigation. A mediation is a facilitated conversation with a neutral party – the mediator – who helps the parties re-open the lines of communications, discuss their grievances, and work together to craft a solution.

Because the seeds of the dispute lie with the parties, so does the solution. Denise Peterson can guide the parties to make that solution possible, whether it is a civil matter or a family case.



Arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution where a private, judicial determination of the dispute is rendered either by a single arbitrator or a tribunal. Arbitrations are final and binding, providing closure and resolution without unnecessary expense or delay.