Denise Peterson

I am a mediator, arbitrator, and former litigator. A professional neutral, I am there to serve all parties. I am committed to ensuring all parties involved have an equal opportunity to present their case and be heard. I have abundant experience working with difficult personalities, contentious situations, and respecting confidential matters. I believe a neutral panelist or mediator may be the most crucial aspect of a fair hearing. Since 2016, I have maintained a full-time alternate dispute resolution practice, including speaking engagements and conducting instruction for civil mediation.

From 2010 to 2015, I represented major multinational clients in litigation and government investigations in mortgage banking, consumer debt litigation, employment law, toxic tort, and real estate. Among my professional responsibilities were running investigations, which included teams of up to twenty attorneys and paralegals, engaging in settlement negotiations with consumers and government regulators, and managing local counsel.

I am a second career attorney. Proper to law school, I had a successful business career in IT consulting during the dot-com era. Before that, I worked for a range of companies and industries from mortgage banking to manufacturing and retail. I worked for start-ups, family-owned businesses, and in corporate environments. I am familiar with the unique business issues for these organizations.
I maintain an active pro bono practice. I have worked with Catholic Charities to get an infant human trafficking victim a permanent and loving home; with Houston Volunteer Lawyers to help a domestic violence survivor and veterans, and even ensure that rescued snow monkeys stayed safe. I believe that an attorney has the responsibility to serve my community and secure access to justice.


Mediation is an effective method for resolving disputes that not only crafts positive solutions for both parties, but limits the costs of litigation. A mediation is a facilitated conversation with a neutral party – myself – who helps the parties re-open the lines of communications, discuss their grievances, and work together to craft a solution.

Because the seeds of the dispute lie with the parties, so does the solution. I can guide the parties to make that solution possible, no matter how complex the underlying issues.



Arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution where a private, judicial determination of the dispute is rendered either by a single arbitrator or a tribunal. Arbitrations are final and binding, providing closure and resolution without unnecessary expense or delay.