Food is community

My mom, Kathryn Hewitt, made tomato soup on the first publically broadcast cooking show from Los Angeles, California. I think she was around ten years old at the time.

From this small start came a life-long love of food, cooking, and sharing her love of food everyone. From daily meals for our family to massive Super Bowl parties and Thanksgiving dinners, she made old favorites, riffed off of that week's Julia Child, or explored new cuisines.

So welcome to the Hewitt Family Cookbook. These are her original recipe cards - although please watch the recipe text for the little changes she inevitably added to the original. If there is garlic in a recipe, she'd go from "oh, a little is good" to "more is better." Or add just an extra shake of something special.

If you end up making any of the recipes, please let me know!

- Denise

My daughter, Isabella, has started photographing the recipe cards from Moms' recipe box - so, yes, that is her absolutely perfect handwriting.

(And she was "Moms" not "Mom" - because she was my mom but also Mima aka grandmom to my kids.



Meatloaf. Strawberry salad. Meatballs. Roasted pork butt. That pumpkin bread is no joke. Don't let the simplicity of this cookery fool you, it fills your stomach and your heart.